Miss Tyler the dog
is the leader of the band
Dave and Ravi ROCK!

Beer or White Russians?
Both fine if you drink enough
Let’s play some guitar

what a frikking joke
they can barely play guitars
and the songs ain't funny

dave rolls up the smoke
while Ravi burns it all down
stick green and sweet

Another late night
Ravi don’t know when to leave
My wife is pissed off

tyler don't get high
but her daddy does bigtime
I don't like high dogs

Though they be not 'Gods',
but yet talented minstrels,
we worship them true.

It’s tough on the road
When it’s hot in the summer
Legs stick to the couch

I like Goldtop's twang,
though it annoys Glenn so much,
"Deliver" some more!

rock is their new game
their cocks are so fucking lame
mama's hard to tame

The Godz on my couch
Where the hell is all my booze?
Time to push record

Wake up the neighbors
It’s late and we’ve been drinking
We should jam Cortez

the clods of cock rock
can't hold a candle to these

Due to the fact they're
Completely lacking talent
Their CD is free

The Gods Of Cock Rock
pussy is better, so are
fat lips and hemmroids

The Godz rock tonight
Beer is flowing oh so right
Joe,this one's for you

do you like getting laid?
track four is instaticket
for full on bitch-slaps

ravi and david
drunk and bouncing off the walls
cherie tolerates

The Gods of Cock Rock
Your co-workers might like them
But probably not